February issue

Nuthurst is a beautiful Parish, but we need to keep it that way.  LINK’s Point of View this month looks at the damage being done to verges and grassed areas in Nuthurst by vehicles driving on to them. It’s mostly commercial vehicles (“It’s not my Parish, why should I worry?”) but it’s also residents driving or parking on verges.  We all need to take responsibility and we need to make companies aware of the damage that their drivers are causing. If you have any ideas send them to content@nplink.org

  That’s just part of LINK’s take on our community this month, we also look at the Tuesday Group’s “Think Global, Act Local” campaign, which aims to make us all take responsibility for our environment. See page 16 to find out more.

  Our gardens, of course, are an important part of our environment and this month sees the start of a regular series in which the Head Gardener at Nymans gives seasonal advice. It’s on page 10.

  Our community is built by the many people who volunteer. Our Community Car Scheme helps residents without cars, especially older people in the hamlets, to get around. They need volunteers – it’s an easy way to help the Parish and to make new friends. See page 14.

  And as always, of course, there’s LINK’s invaluable information about what’s going on in the Parish and, for foodies, another tasty recipe.


In the next issue, March, we are launching LINK READER OFFERS.

Yes, we have pressganged our advertisers to give you, our readers, some offers and benefits each month.  Look in ‘Who Does What’ to find out more and remember to make a beeline to those pages every month.


Simply contact us on content@nplink.org

You might have already heard that a developer has applied for planning permission to change the use of the Dun Horse from put to flats. If you would like to have your say on the issue please have a look at the Save the Dun Horse website and complete the online survey.


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