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Welcome to LINK online. If it’s the first time you’ve visited the site, simply click on the cover image above to view the online version of the magazine.


You’ll notice that the online version contains links – so if you are on the contents page and want to look at the recipe, just click on the underlined orange text where it reads Page 18 and it will take you straight there.  You will see links throughout the magazine to take you to the web sites of societies in the parish, the web sites of advertisers and the web sites of local organisations. The online version of LINK also contains content not available in the printed version. The July issue focuses on charities and the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on them. The Parish Profile this month is of Andrew Ross who has spent his whole career in the charity sector. The Online version of the magazine has a link to an exclusive interview with Andrew. It’s well worth a look.


LINK Online is published every month in addition to the printed version. Your feedback is very important. If there is anything that you want to tell us about the issue (good or bad) or if you want to send us ideas or photos then just click on content@nplink to email us.


You might have already heard that a developer has applied for planning permission to change the use of the Dun Horse from pub to flats. If you would like to have your say on the issue please have a look at the Save the Dun Horse website and complete the online survey.


is a community and lifestyle magazine that is there to give information, tell
you what is going on when and where, gives advice and publishes profiles on
interesting people and locations.

for a Plumber to stop that dripping tap, somebody to fix a fence or lay a new
patio then ‘Who does What’ pages are the one to look at.

is a well respected established magazine. We have been told readers they look
forward to receiving each issue on their doorsteps each month. So whether you
are a reader or advertiser this well respected magazine is must to read and
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