Owing to the Coronavirus we have cancelled the AGM on the 25th March 2020 at the Cricket Pavilion.

In order to conduct essential business and conform with the statutory duty as outlined in our Constitution. We would like your approval of the minutes, treasurer’s report and election of officers. This can be done by email to the

If you wish to stand as an officer, please advise us by email and the position that interests you, equally if you think you could bring new ideas and are interested in joining our panel of volunteers – please also email.



Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Treasurers Report 2018

Review of 2019

Election of Officers


We would like to thank you in advance in these extraordinary times for your support. The NPCG


The Coordination Panel



Annual Report for 2019


Richard Webber, Head of the Co-ordination Panel


2019 has been a year of consolidation of our accounts as we changed our accounting period to a calendar year. This has helped in maintaining the viability of Link magazine. The sterling efforts by Roger Cato and his team has helped to lower the speed within the parish with the Speedwatch initiative.  We also supported, in a small way, Mike Hoare in installing fibre to residents in Nuthurst.  All these activities and successes in 2019 have been the result of the dedication and enthusiasm of people within our parish.  However, as with any community organisations, it is the few that bring the good work to the whole.

I will thank those people as I go through this report.


I will start with Link magazine. This has established itself as a successful, informative publication and is playing its role as the voice of many of our local organisations.  Feedback from residents has been very positive and, some have said they read it cover to cover.  The support our readers are giving the advertisers has resulted in securing advertising revenue from them throughout 2019.  I am pleased to say that David & Julia Greaves have joined the editorial team which has now grown to 6.  There are a total of 9 people working on Link to bring it to you every month.

Looking to the future we are aware there are many families with very busy lives and don’t have the time to read the hard copy.  Also our younger residents are not being adequately catered for.  So we are now investigating the role that social media can play in meeting the needs of all residents.

I would like to have, as a record, my thanks to everyone who is involved with the magazine.


Fibre to your front door. The was an outstanding achievement from Mike Hoare in his effort to plan for and arrange a high speed broadband service to some of the residents in Nuthurst.  As reported in Link his tenacity, doggedness in dealing with Openreach has paid off and we know that it has been really appreciated by the residents. Our involvement has been minimal, but we will continue to support community lead projects.


Speedwatch has been a great success.  This has been driven by Roger Cato and his team of 16 residents. We liaise with the Parish Council on this project and we will continue to do so.  Speedwatch locations have been randomly planned to cover particular roads in Mannings Heath,  Monks Gate and at the school at Nuthurst. Roger’s observations on the recording of excess speed over a number of months has seen a reduction generally of speed especially in the rush hour periods. This is particularly noticeable on the A281 and at the school. There are plans afoot in the coming year to install a speed sign by the school.  Again, a thank you to all on the Speedwatch Team.


The LPG Consortium which has 40+ members has benefited from stable LPG prices.  A new contract will be renegotiated in 2020.


Community Lottery. This was kicked off in November and has had reasonable support, we are hoping this will expand in 2020 as the NPCG benefits considerably from the sales of lottery tickets to support Link and future projects in the pipeline.  Cash wins can be up to £25,000.  I must thank Veronica Ashworth who runs this project.


Donations. I cannot thank you enough as you will see from the figures your generosity secures the magazine’s future.  That thank you is directed to the Parish organisations and to individuals.


Behind the scenes our treasurer Alan Selwood has worked tirelessly to keep us afloat.  He has handled the NPCG accounts with dexterity and determination especially with Link advertisers. A sincere thank you to Alan from the whole team and to my Deputy Coordinator Liz Tidy who has also been a backbone of support throughout the year.


Looking ahead for 2020 we are planning more community activities with the help of people who want to get involved.


Finally, keep healthy while we struggle with this virus in our midst. Let’s look out for our neighbours.


Nuthurst Parish Community Group : Treasurer’s Report : AGM March 2020


Our auditor, Clive Pyzer, has inspected our financial affairs for the Financial Year 2019, and his summary is shown below. It should be noted that almost all receipts and costs relate to LINK.

Donations: We had  an overwhelmingly positive response in 2018, so the reduction in 2019 was not surprising. However, donations remained vital to our financial viability, as they more than covered the shortfall in advertising money v. print costs and gave us the financial cushion we needed.

Business Fair: This new venture was not only highly regarded by the advertisers who attended but made a profit, even after the cost of promotional banners (which should be reusable).

Advertising: Richard Webber was extremely active in obtaining new advertising contracts, especially towards the end of the period, but sadly we had to write off  some unpaid revenue from advertisers, including from one that went into liquidation and another that left the district without warning. After this experience, we have taken aggressive action to prevent a recurrence : the outstanding advertising money due at 31/12/2019 was only £45 (now paid) compared with £1807 on 31/12/2019.

The outlook for 2020: We are pleased to report that some advertisers have set up standing orders for their invoiced payments, and others have decided to pay for a full year in advance. This suggests that they believe strongly in the advertising value of our magazine and trust us to be there for them in the future. We take great pride in their trust.

Alan Selwood, Treasurer – 12th March 2020




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