Clubs and Societies

During February we will be launching a new section called  ‘Clubs and Societies‘.  Visitors to the site will be able to access information including contact details, the aims of the club and more.

To achieve this we need up to date information on all the clubs and societies in our area.  If you have not already received this request and a copy of the form, please find below links to the excel sheet and pdf versions of the Clubs and Societies information forms. You can download the form  to your pc or print it out, then complete the sections  before returning the form to us by 14th January please.

For more  information please email the LINK team at:

Excel form

(click on the image below)

PDF Form

(click on the image below)

Here is a copy of the letter which was  sent to all the clubs and societies for which we have contact details.

Happy New Year!
We have been planning the February issue of LINK magazine and the theme is “Clubs and Societies’ in the parish. We would like to feature your society on a general overview page and then give readers more detail in longer features.

We would therefore appreciate your help by completing the attached form please. This will provide us with the information we need for our articles. We are also creating a dedicated Clubs and Societies section on the LINK website and the information you supply will be included.
The form will need to be returned by 14th January at the latest please, as we need to compile the features before copy date.
(Addresses are at the top of the form.)
Thank you very much for your continued support of LINK. It is much appreciated.
Best wishes

The LINK editorial team