Features 2022

Every month we have an interesting new theme that relates to the community. The magazine is packed with information on organisations, events, places to go and of course our local businesses – and please remember, if they are local it usually means they are very reliable.

Coming up in 2022


Fitness and Wellbeing

How to look after your body and mind, whatever your age, helping you to feel better in yourself.



A change of scenery is always a tonic. We look at at days out, places to visit and short stay locations.


Spring Gardening

A beautiful time of the year, a time when you want the garden to have colour. Ideas for planting and useful tips.



Many organisations are celebrating this year, Including the Mannings Heath WI. We look at the amazing role they have all played over the years and what lies ahead.



So many of us have pets. We will feature items on caring for your pets and interesting stories and photos of your own additional family members.


Generation Z –  in the Parish

The rural area can be challenging for young people especially in terms of activities. We’ll be looking at ways young people  enjoy living and contributing to life in the parish.



All things 70 – In the platinum jubilee year we celebrate our Queen’s accession to the throne in 1952.



Many of our day-to-day activities involve technology in one shape or another. We highlight some of the opportunities and challenges that go hand in hand with the inexorable pace of technology.


Wine & Beer and Food producers

Cheers! Down the hatch! Yes, we are talking about liquid refreshment (and food) created on our doorstep. Hopefully we will also be able to provide some reader offers.



Charities have had a hard time over the last couple of years. We’ll give you an insight into the work and aspirations of our local charities.


Planning, Building & Extensions

If you are looking to upgrade, extend or remodel your home, rather than moving, we consider some of the options open to you.


General interest

Christmas is only a few weeks away, we will be reflecting on things to do and things to plan for the year ahead.

If you are an advertiser and would like to be featured in any issue, please contact us at advert@nplink.org